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This attempt of motivation is what is referred to as job enrichment. In a situation where the employees do not like the changes in their jobs, the results could be disastrous hence the need to come up with adequate plans to help the employees adjust to the changes.

Redesigning the Job of a Retail Sales Clerk through Job Enrichment Essay Sample

The idea is to motivate the performers while increasing their satisfaction level. Once the job analyst is through with recollecting and revising the job content, analyzing the discrepancies is the next step. Managers should therefore seek to redesign the current jobs so as to motivate their employees.

Employee development programmes such as job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment are also based on the analysis of job requirements. It is a statement showing full details of the activities of the job. Next is to reallocation of new or altered tasks and functions to employees.

It helps organization as well as employees in achieving their targets or goals. These core job characteristics are skill variety, designate identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback.

Supportive resources such as technology and assistant staff to work under these employees can also be provided to ease the responsibilities Miner, They refuse to appropriately describe what an employee is supposed to do in the company creating confusion in the minds of employees.

The next step is to redesign the job, if necessary. The process includes revising, analyzing, altering, reforming and reshuffling the job-related content and dimensions to increase the variety of assignments and functions to motivate employees and make them feel as an important asset of the organization.

A job may be analysed to simplify the process and methods involved in it. The main objectives of job analysis are as follows: Redefining and or clarification of certain p duties and responsibilities. Read this essay to learn about Job Analysis in an Organisation.

Job analysis is the process used to identify these requirements. Jobs will be assigned to persons on the basis of suitability for the job.

Job Redesign - Meaning, Process and its Advantages Job Redesign - Meaning, Process and its Advantages Restructuring the elements including tasks, duties and responsibilities of a specific job in order to make it more encouraging and inspiring for the employees or workers is known as job redesigning.

Although most employers use the above methods for collecting job analysis data, there are many tunes when these narrative approaches are not appropriate. The basic aim of altering the job content is to design a job in such a manner that encourages employees to work harder and perform better.

The process of job analysis is nothing but a data collection process. It specifies the standard by which the qualities of the person are measured. Job analysis is the qualitative aspect of manpower requirements because it determines the demands of the job in terms of responsibilities and duties and then translates these demands in terms of skills, qualities and other human attributes.

Clear definitions of rewards available to employees should be made while incorporating the kind of rewards they will receive for exceptional performance. Job redesigning process involves recollecting and revising job-related information to determine the inconsistency between person and the job.

This technique is time consuming and generally does not yield satisfactory results because many employees do not complete the questionnaire or furnish incorrect information because of their own limitations. Conclusion Job enrichment not only provides employees with opportunities for personal growth, achievement and recognition but also produces better results for the business as a whole.

According to Michael J. This will mean redesigning the job. Job redesign is an effort where job responsibilities and tasks are reviewed, and possibly re-allocated among staff, to improve output.

Redesigning jobs. May 16,  · Redesigning a Job Description Grand Canyon UniversityIntroduction:The goal of this authorship is to state a handed-down melody definition and design in indian lodge to aim the employee through strain amelioratement.

Job Redesign - Meaning, Process and its Advantages

Human Resources Manager Job Analysis Job analysis means more than take and give information about tasks and requirements a position may have. This goes beyond that. In other words, this means to look for all the information necessary to describe a job. Job description is the result of a job analysis.

Name Course Tutor Date Job Redesign Introduction Job redesign is the alteration of a specific job with the intention of increasing the on-job-productivity of employees as well as their quality of work experience as noted by Hackman ( p. 4). Grand Canyon UniversityIntroduction:The goal of this paper is to state a traditional job description and redesign in order to motivate the employee through job enrichment.5/5(2).

Redesigning a Job Description. ment.

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A traditional job description will be developed and by using job characteristics described by Richard Hackman and Greg Oldhan they will be modified.

Redesigning a job description essay
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